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1.  Rebuilding War-Torn States: The Challenge of Post-Conflict Economic Reconstruction (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2008)


Rebuilding War Torn States, Gracianna Del Castillo - Books
 Rebuilding War-Torn States
 Graciana del Castillo
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Book Endorsements and Reviews 

Rebuilding War-Torn States is that rare book that brilliantly combines the insights of an experienced practitioner with the disciplined argument of a meticulous researcher. 
Michael W. Doyle, Harold Brown Professor of International Affairs, Law and Political Science, Columbia University and Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General (2001-2003)
“A must read for policymakers, academics, practitioners and those interested in the political economy of peace.” 
Dr. Jacob A. Frenkel, Chairman, J.P. Morgan Chase International and Chairman G30;
Former Economic Counselor and Director of Research, IMF

“Extremely valuable tool for consolidating peace in other countries around the world.” 
Alfredo Cristiani, Former President of El Salvador
“Graciana del Castillo makes an important contribution to debates about peace-building and postwar reconstrution…” 
Gregory Kent, “Rebuilding War-Torn States,” Times Higher Education (March 5, 2009)
“Del Castillo … picks apart the reasons why orthodox approaches to rebuilding postconflict countries have not succeeded, and recommends alternatives. …Without doubt, if the international donors and financial bodies had followed del Castillo’s advice, they should have done a better job.” 
Alex de Waal, “Afghanistan: the Natural State,” Times Literary Supplement (November 4, 2009

2.  "Guilty Party: The International Community in Afghanistan"

(XLibris, 2nd Edition, 2016)

Book Endorsements and Reviews

“Graciana del Castillo has come up with the most exciting book of the decade showing how sustainable growth rather than war is the answer to extremism, insurgency and poverty.”

Ahmed Rashid, journalist and best-selling author of The Taliban (2001).


“Written by one of the best-informed and most experienced scholars of peacebuilding this book is must reading for those who want to understand what went wrong and what can (still) be done to assist Afghanistan in promoting a sustainable peace.”

Professor Michael W. Doyle, Director of the Columbia Global Policy Initiative, Columbia University


“Original, provocative, and passionate account that can inform the debate on the future of the international community’s involvement in Afghanistan as the country enters a new phase in its history…”

Ambassador Zahir Tanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, New York


“Graciana del Castillo builds a new paradigm for the vital economics of peace and reconstruction.”

Professor Roger B. Myerson, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics


“Graciana del Castillo, an eminent authority on the economics of failed states, has produced what will be the biggest bombshell of the Afghan reconstruction period.”

Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University


"A brilliant exposé that throws light on the international community failures in Afghanistan”

Francesc Vendrell, Special Representative of the European Union for Afghanistan (2002-08)


"Guilty Party is a fresh approach to the centrality of economic issues in the midst of war.”

Ambassador Ronald Neumann, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (2005-07)


“Policy makers, international and Afghan bureaucracies as well as the international press will find Guilty Party highly instructive if they are serious in assisting the Afghan people to find the peace and stability that they so highly deserve.”

Professor M. Ishaq Nadiri, Senior Economic Advisor to President Karzai (2005-2008).



“… beautifully written narrative of Afghan history yet devastating account of the repeated failure of outsiders …”

Professor Susan L. Woodward, author of Balkan Tragedy (1995)


"Graciana del Castillo provides a penetrating analysis of a country whose tragedy is set to continue—unless the international community acts swiftly, and absorbs the lessons that the author so cogently sets out.”

Professor Tony Addison, Chief Economist, UNU-WIDER


“This fine and deeply-felt volume enriches understanding of this important country at a time of major transition.”

Dr. David Malone, Rector of the UN University in Tokyo


“Guilty Party is must-read for scholars and practitioners!

Dr. Raymond Gilpin, Academic Dean, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University


“This is an important book, on an important and misunderstood country. Guilty Party is must-read for anyone interested in world affairs.”

Sebastian Edwards, Henry Ford II Professor of Economics, UCLA


“This disturbing new book is an indispensable read for scholars, practitioners and policymakers alike.”

Ambassador Alvaro de Soto, former UN Under-Secretary General


Review for Guilty Party


"Her cohesive, intelligent writing style effortlessly weaves personal anecdotes with exhaustively sourced academic conclusions, making this essential reading for anyone who desires a comprehensive backdrop to modern Afghanistan."

BlueInk Review


"With the dual authority of a scholar and an inner-circle observer, del Castillo adds needed dimension to understandings of Afghanistan, and of the implications that impending U.S. withdrawal will carry. … A history that recognizes human failings and offers reflective, illuminating alternative possibilities, this book is essential reading for all who wish to better understand the roots of, and ramifications following, the conflicts in Afghanistan."

Foreword Clarion Review


Obstacles to Peacebuilding (Routledge, March 2017)

Praise for Obstacles to Peacebuilding


“Graciana del Castillo's books have demonstrated that peace is far too difficult to leave to the generals, diplomats, peacekeepers, lawyers and political scientists. She shows that sustainable peace without economic transformation is as close to impossible as any social science generalization can get.  This volume advances that important body of work, drawing crucial distinctions among the phases of economic transformation and proposing novel solutions to the persistent failure of the international community to play its proper role in the design and implementation of the political economy of peace.”

Michael Doyle is a University Professor at Columbia University and author of The Question of Intervention (Yale, 2015)


“Peacebuilding is much lionized, but rarely lives up to expectations. This is doubly puzzling as the UN has been engaged in peacebuilding for several decades. This excellent, admirably compact volume explains the need for active UN peacebuilding and the multiple challenges it faces. Graciana del Castillo is an economically literate, politically acute analyst committed above all to positive results on the ground.  She is uniquely qualified to decode the objectives and challenges involved having been a lead actor in peacebuilding. She is a frequently consulted authority on the topic and has been a sharp critic of several peacebuilding undertakings, while continuing to advocate for the importance of the concept and its implementation.”

Dr. David M. Malone, Rector of the United Nations University and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations


“Accessible and unencumbered by jargon, Obstacles to Peacebuidling is an authoritative, hard-hitting and unvarnished assessment of the UN’s underwhelming record when it comes helping countries recover from war and protracted conflict. It is an excellent and timely study, covering a broad canvas of cases and pregnant with policy implications. Of interest to practitioners, scholars and students alike, this is a contribution to the literature that deserves a very wide readership.”

Mats Berdal, Professor of Security and Development, King’s College London and author of Building Peace After War (Routledge, 2009)


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